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We are a proudly Australian company. Since 2013 we have invested $1.5 billion in the North West NSW economy.​​

Local job seekers, businesses and community groups have all benefited from our commitment to the region.

We want to play a positive role in the local community for the long term. By supporting Whitehaven’s Vickery Extension Project (Vickery) you are helping to create new jobs, new investment and a stronger and more sustainable local community and workforce.

  • $1.5b

    Spent in North West NSW in five years.

  • $293m

    Spent with local suppliers in FY18.

  • 950

    New jobs to be created by Vickery Extension Project.

  • 20+

    Year commitment to the region.

Local Jobs
For Local People.

Whitehaven is the largest non-government employer in North West NSW, with over 2,000 men and women working across six operational mines.

The Vickery Extension Project will result in an additional 950 new local jobs.

Vickery is one of the largest planned investments in the local area and will create approximately 500 jobs during the construction phase and 450 jobs during operations. We estimate it will generate approximately 170 new jobs in locally-based businesses that will provide contracting and mine-support services.

  • Largest private sector employer.

  • 500

    Construction jobs.

  • 450

    Operational jobs.

  • 75%

    Locally-based workforce.

Environmental Impact

The Vickery Extension Project covers an area only slightly larger than the currently Approved Project but offers significant additional economic and community benefits.

The Environmental Impact Statement shows the mine can proceed with minimal environmental impact and with noise, air quality and visual impacts that are the same or better than under the existing approval. We will continue to work closely with government regulators and local stakeholders to ensure there is confidence in how we manage any environmental impacts.

  • Existing approval covering site.

  • 18

    Major assessments from scientific and technical experts.

  • Noise, air quality and visual impacts same or better than before

  • 400+

    Stakeholder and community meetings already conducted.

Working Together
For a Stronger Region

For nearly 20 years we have worked with local landholders to ensure mining and agriculture continue to co-exist.

Wherever Whitehaven operations interact with agriculture, we engage with farmers, landowners and government regulators and seek to ensure that impacts on non-mining land are minimised. The Vickery Extension Project will be located on land that has been mined previously and is of low agricultural value.

While the Vickery site has previously been extensively mined, we want to do the right thing by local landholders and farmers. That’s why we listened and changed our plans to ensure there will be no mining near the Namoi River. We will seek to continue to help local farmers by making surplus water available to them as we have done at other mines.

  • No mining near the Namoi River.

  • No disturbance to the Vickery State Forest.

  • No high-value agricultural land in project area footprint.

  • No new water licenses required.

Playing a Vital role
In the Region.

Our financial impact across the region is significant and provides community groups with the resources they need to create positive change.

Over the past three years we have made significant financial and in-kind contributions to local groups. Last year alone we gave nearly half a million dollars to various community groups, made 90 separate donations and contributed $1.9 million to local infrastructure improvements

  • $445k

    Spent in FY2018 on donations to community groups.

  • 90

    Seperate donations.

  • 70%

    Of community agree Whitehaven has had a positive economic impact.

  • 20+

    Year commitment to the region.



Extents of Approved Mine and Vickery Extension Project.

Indicative Extent of Approval Mine

Indicative Namoi River Pump Station and Pipeline

Indicative Extent of Vickery Extension Project Additional Area


1986 - Small scale underground mining first commenced in the area.

1991-1998 – Larger scale open cut mining at the former Vickery Coal Mine undertaken by Rio Tinto.

May 1998 - Mining at the  former Vickery Coal Mine site ceased and rehabilitation works commenced.

February 2010 - Whitehaven acquired CL316 from Rio Tinto.

2000-2009 - Whitehaven undertakes mining operations at the Canyon Mine.

2013 - Whitehaven submits a Development Application and EIS for the Vickery Coal Project (4.5Mtpa).

September 2014 - NSW Government approves Vickery Coal Project area.

August 2018 - Whitehaven submits a Development Application and EIS for the Vickery Extension Project (7.2Mtpa).



Ksenya Belooussova
Manager Corporate and External Affairs
Email: kbelooussova@whitehavencoal.com.au 
Mobile: +61 415 099 055


With your support we are seeking to extend and improve the already-approved Vickery Project to help bring about new jobs, a fresh wave of local investment and a stronger and more sustainable local economy and community. Let’s make our region financially stronger and give future generations real opportunities to live, work and prosper together.

Your Questions Answered.

The Vickery Extension Project, located in the Gunnedah Coalfield in North West NSW, involves the extension of open cut mining operations.....

The Vickery Extension Project is located in the Gunnedah Basin Coalfield.....

Subject to Federal and State approvals, construction at Vickery is expected to begin in early 2020.....


Environmental impact statement

The EIS shows that noise, air quality and visual impacts of the mine are the same or better than what was previously approved.



Vickery means more local jobs, growth and a stronger future for the North West.

Subject to approval, the Vickery Extension Project (Vickery) will entail the construction of a new open-cut mine and associated on-site infrastructure (new coal processing plant and rail spur) about 25 kilometres to the north of Gunnedah, near two of our existing mines at Tarrawonga and Rocglen, and along a seam that contains some of the best quality coal in the country.

The area has already been extensively mined and there is an existing approval covering the site. Coal produced from the mine will be a combination of metallurgical and thermal products (60:40 split).


Whitehaven is powering local economies and exporting high quality coal to the Asian region.

The Vickery Extension Project is the next major development planned for our portfolio of assets in the Gunnedah Coal Basin, a region our company has called home for nearly two decades. In that time, we have grown from modest beginnings to become the largest independent coal miner listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We are proudly Australian, which means our profits, and the returns we generate for most of our 5,500 shareholders, stay right here at home. Last year we paid $283.9 million in taxes and royalties to the State and Federal Governments. Although our company has grown significantly over the years, we have never lost sight of the fact that local communities and local people are the lifeblood of Australia’s mining sector.


The Environmental Impact Statement shows that noise, air quality and visual impacts of the mine are the same or better than what was previously approved.

Being a positive part of the local community means caring for the environment and the livelihoods that depend on it. While the Vickery Extension Project will mean more jobs and local investment, the public can also be assured that we continue to take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

On any given day, we comply with about 7,000 environmental obligations across our six operational mines and our commitment is to always plan carefully, mine responsibly in-line with our approval conditions, and progressively rehabilitate land as we go. We will continue to work closely with government regulators and local stakeholders to ensure there is confidence in how we manage things like air quality, water and noise.


From farmers, to local businesses and households, we understand the importance of water security for our community.

Water is a basic need and a precious resource in a region with a strong reliance on farming and mining. Even though mining accounts for only a fraction of groundwater rights in the Gunnedah Basin, we understand our obligations when it comes to ensuring we manage and protect local water resources.

Most of the water used in our operations comes from rainfall, which is captured in dams and used to assist mining activities, such as coal washing and dust suppression. Each of our operations are guided by site-specific Water Management Plans.


Providing clear and reliable factual information underpins our standing in the community.

We have had more than 400 separate interactions with local community members and other stakeholders in the pre-EIS lodgement phase. This website is intended to provide additional factual information about our company and the Vickery Extension Project. Community feedback is important to us and we will comprehensively address public submissions we receive. Please review the quick facts fact sheet which addresses information the community and stakeholders may seek.

Have your

The NSW Independent Planning Commission is currently accepting written feedback on the Vickery Extension Project. Have your say by filling out the online form at ipcn.nsw.gov.au/have-your-say

The Assessment Process.

  • 1Submission.

    Whitehaven Coal submits the Development Application— including the EIS—for assessment.

  • 2Review.

    NSW Department of Planning and Environment reviews the EIS and prepares for public exhibition.

  • 3Public Exhibition.

    EIS placed on public exhibition / submissions lodged. Commonwealth Independent Expert Scientific Committee reviews EIS.

  • 4Response.

    Whitehaven Coal prepares a response to submissions made during the exhibition period.

  • 5Assessment.

    NSW Government assesses the EIS on behalf of the Commonwealth under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement.

  • 6Independent Review if Required.

    The NSW Minister for Planning may direct The Indepedent Planning Commission (IPC) to undertake an independent review of the Project including public hearings.

  • 7Address.

    Whitehaven Coal addresses matters raised by the IPC.

  • 8Final Assessment.

    NSW Government finalises its assessment.

  • 9Referral.

    NSW Government is likely to refer to the IPC for determination, which may include public meetings. If the Project is approved, conditions are likely to be imposed.

  • 10Determination.

    Commonwealth Government determination – if approved, conditions are likely to be imposed.

Whitehaven is the largest Australian HELE (High Efficiency, Low Emissions) coal producer. Coal from the Gunnedah Basin is in high demand across export markets in Asia. For our key customers in countries like Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and India, our coal is being used for power generation and steel-making and is highly sought after because of its low levels of impurities and high calorific (energy-producing) values.

Gunnedah Basin coal is helping countries in our region meet their carbon emissions reduction targets. In highly advanced economies such as Japan, Ultra Supercritical generation technologies combine with our product to deliver cost effective and reliable power with carbon emissions that are roughly half that of older coal-fired generation employed in Australia. The Isogo Power Station (pictured) is one such state-of-the-art facility which is powered by coal from our Narrabri Underground Mine.


J-Power’s state of the art Isogo power station


We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any part of the Project. We are committed to listening to, and acting in accordance with community expectations and values.

If you have any further questions, please call us on 1800WHCOAL (1800 942625), email us at vickeryfeedback@whitehavencoal.com.au  or visit us at 231 Conadilly Street, Gunnedah, NSW, 2380.